Keldarra is a land under siege by Wolf Riders, an enemy that has existed for the past three thousand years. At the time when Marrida and Alagur live the reasons for their existence or why they came into existence has long since been forgotten by most people. But people talk. They whisper of an ancient prophecy that tells of their end. They talk of the days of peace and prosperity returning to the land one day.

Keldarra came into existence once the ancient northern invaders had been defeated. A land that had lost its original name, and had named itself Keldarra, or Qelt’aera - Bound to Queltha - so never to forget that once, they'd been enslaved by the invaders. Queltha is a mysterious land located directly north of Keldarra. Another land whose name is but a memory now is Mycanthia, which lies to the southwest of Keldarra. The only other land that it does have contact with now is Achellon, an ancient city nation built on massive stalagmites rising from the ocean.

There are ancient books and also scholars who say that the beginnings of Keldarra are tens of thousands of years in the past. They say it once was called Keltana...




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