Books A-Z

This page will list all books that have been written and are based in the Keldarra Mythos, which is what Nathalie M.L. Römer calls the collective information, books, worlds and everything else based in this universe. The books have been listed by series and, where applicable (in the future), as standalone books, and a further page will be added in the future that lists the reading order based on the timeline in the Mythos.

The Wolf Riders of Keldarra
Book 1: Tainted Truth
Book 2: Stolen Truth
Book 3: Truth of a Betrayer
Book 4: Revelations of Truth
Book 5: Cities of the Sailors
Book 6: The Hand of War (upcoming)
Book 7: tbc
Book 8: tbc
Book 9: tbc

In The Land of Keldarra
Book 1: Marrida and Alagur
Book 2: Emelyse and Bergas

Book 3: tbc

Book 4: tbc

Book 5: tbc

Book 6: tbc

Book 7: tbc

Book 8: tbc

Book 9: tbc

Book 10: tbc

Psst, so you know it first if you’ve visited this website… more books in the Keldarra Mythos are planned!!!